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October 31, 2011
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King Richard III by renealexa-plushie King Richard III by renealexa-plushie
ALL HAIL THE KING! :worship: XD Okay okay.. I made a king~ A king.. O__O
It's so a great... Great commission! :D I love to make his crown~~~~ :love:
Ok ok, let's down to the features, i'm eager to explain it to ya guys!! :eager: :la:

1. Removable crown : IT'S SO FLUFFEH!!! :love: :la: Ah maybe not as fluffy as Izaya, but it's stil fluffy! :la:
2. Removable belt : The belt made from leather! :D It's a new material i tried to make it looks.. Elite~ :lol:
3. Openable back pocket : Sorry guys no photo for this~ But i'll make sure he HAS it! :) And you can open the lil pocket~ ;)
4. Removable top outfit : Black top outfit is removable! :D

Interesting part : THE BUTTONS! :lol: XD :rofl: It was so fun! :D
Me and my mom so confused like hell before.. ^^; But finally we got a great idea for it!! :la:
Gold material and sew gold bullets button on it! And ta-da! We made it like excatly in the reference! :dummy:

And oh~ I like those knots on his top shirt~ It's very unique~ :heart: ^.^

Ah! One more! His hair! :rofl: New method to make it~ I was laughing hard when sticking all of them~ :lol:

Hope you like him dear~ :wave:


King Richard III (play) (C) William Shakespeare
Plushie (C) Me & My mom~ :heart:
Commissioner : :iconjackielondon:
Time : 1 Week~ :D


:heart: Plushie Commission Info :heart: or :star: Like Me On FACEBOOK~:star:
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RedCyan Feb 28, 2013  Professional Photographer
I really want one to cuddle, how much and how do I order?! Thanks!
O.O Whoa. This is amazing. Thank you so mch! Excellent, excellent, EXCELLENT work. I can't wait to cuddle him! Yay, King Richard III plush! :D
No problem~ :)
I'm glad you like him~ I hope i don't miss any detail~ ^^; >.< Anyway, this is special pic for you to see the back pocket of him~ :) --> [link] :D
No, it looks like you got everything. His bag looks nice, too. Thank you so much. He will be very loved when I get him!
Oh i'm glad~ :) Ok, i will get back to you after i got the tracking number from post office! :D
Alrighty. I look forward to it. Thank you. :)
Penguinton Oct 31, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
Wow! Absolutely stunning work!
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